The International Conference dedicated to the memory of the
Academician Valentin V. Rumyantsev

The E.S. Pyatnitskiy X International Workshop "Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems" was held in the Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the 3rd - 6th of June, 2008. The Workshop is the forum of the scientists in the field of control sciences, mechanics, and applied mathematics. The Workshop was dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist Academician Valentin V. Rumyantsev, the leading specialist in general mechanics and stability of motion theory.

Rumyantsev supported the idea of organizing the Workshop. He was the member of the Programme Committee and presented talks in the Workshop. In 1992 Rumyantsev gave the very first Workshop plenary lecture titled "Alexander M. Lyapunov and the Development of his Idea in the Stability of Motion Theory". In 2006 Rumyantsev presented his last plenary lecture in the Workshop.

During the first plenary session Academician Stanislav N. Vassilyev outlined the place of the Workshop among the Russian Academy of Sciences scientific events and the role of Academician Rumyantsev in creating the Workshop.

The scientific programme of the Workshop included 3 plenary sessions, 16 section sessions and the general discussion. There were 11 invited plenary talks (of 45 minutes), 13 lectures on the scientific topics of the Workshop (of 30 minutes), and 179 section talks (of 20 minutes). There were also 3 section talks beyond the programme.

The memorial Rumyantsev session was opened by the talk of Professor Alexander V. Karapetyan about Academician Rumyantsev. The story of Rumyantsev's life and scientific and pedagogical career was presented, as well as Rumyantsev's fundamental achievements in the stability of motion theory, dynamics of bodies with fluid-filled cavities, satellite dynamics, dynamics of rigid body with a fixed point, dynamics of body on a plane or on a string, and so on. This talk was followed by the short recollections of the Workshop participants (F. Pfeiffer, V. Beletskiy, S. Stepanov, H. Troger, M. Pascal, A. Kovalev, A. Chentsov, K. Hedrih, G. Leonov) that underlined the great authority of Rumyantsev, the key role of his seminar in Moscow State University, the impact of his results in the development of analytical mechanics and stability theory.

The other lectures of that session were presented by Academicians Sergey K. Korovin (Minimal Observers), Alexander B. Kurzhanskiy (On the Problem of Highway Transport Flow Control), and Valeriy V. Kozlov (The Lagrange Identity and its Generalizations).

The plenary session of the 4th of June consisted of the following lectures: "On Non-Smooth Dynamics" by Professor F. Pfeiffer (TU Munich), "High Frequency Oscillation Suppression in Sliding Mode Control Systems" by Professor V. Utkin (Ohio State University), "Potential and Circular Part Expansion for Nonlinear Generalized Forces" by Academician V. Zhuravlev (Institute for Problems of Mechanics of RAS), and "Local Methods of Investigation of Cycles in Dynamic Systems" by Correspondence Member of RAS G. Leonov (Saint-Petersburg State University, co-authors N. Kuznetsov and E. Krasnova).

At the last plenary session on 6th of June the following lectures were presented: "Mobile Systems Controlled by Means of Internal Mobile Masses" by Academician F. Chernousko (Institute for Problems of Mechanics of RAS), "Positive Dynamics and the Internet" by Professor R. Shorten (The Hamilton Institute, Ireland), "Algebraic Reduction in the Dynamical System Analysis" by Academician S. Vassilyev (Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow, co-author N. Nagul, Irkutsk, Russia).

During the General discussion on 6th of June Academician V. Zhuravlev touched upon the question of the relationships between the results presented in his lecture and those of Professor V. Zubov. The latter had been unknown to Zhuravlev before, and he got acquainted with them after the lecture in the Workshop. Zhuravlev marked out some intersections and differences between his investigations and the Zubov's. During the discussion the nature of the circulational forces was discussed. Professor A. Alexandrov from the Saint-Petersburg State University took active part in the discussion.

During the close ceremony Professors B. Polyak, A. Karapetyan, V. Utkin, H. Troger, K. Hedrih, and Academician S. Vassilyev made concluding remarks about the Workshop. They estimated the Workshop as a success. It was noted that mor than a third of the participants are young scientists. The Organizing Committee Chairman thanked all participants for taking part in the Workshop.

The participants visited the Rumyantsev's tomb on 4th of June.