30 june 2012

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15 pril 2012

Scientific Program is available.

15 pril 2012

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5 pril 2012

Professor Nikolai Nikolaevich Krasovskii has passed away http://www.imm.uran.ru/engl.asp

2 january 2012

10th International Chetaev Conference ANALITICAL MECHANICS, STABILITY AND CONTROL Kazan, June12-16, 2012


7 december 2011

Professor Sergey K.Korovin  has passed away.

15 october 2011

Dear Colleague

The Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sci­ences, together with the Department of Power Engineering, Industry, Mechan­ics, and Control of RAS and the Scientific Council on Automation and Control Theory, is organizing the XII-th International Conference «Stability and Oscilla­tions of Nonlinear Control Systems (Pyatnitskiy’s conference)», 5 - 8 of June, 2012. The purpose of this Conference is to provide opportunities for scientists and engineers to meet and to discuss current research, new concepts and ideas and establish opportunities for future collaborations in all aspects of  Stability Theory, Control Theory and Dynamics.

We have the honor to invite you to participate in the Conference and to contrib­ute to any topic of your scientific interest.


       Topics of the Conference

1. General Problems of the Stability Theory and Stabilization.
2. General Problems and Methods of Nonlinear Oscillations Theory.
3. Lyapunov Function Methods for Nonlinear Control Systems and Hamilton-Jacobi- Lyapunov Bellmann Methods in the Theory of Optimal Control and Game Problems of Control.
4. Smooth and Nonsmooth Dynamics.
5. Controllability and Observability Problems in Control Theory.
6. Robust Control Problems.
7. Control of Mechanical Systems.
8. Stability and Control of Hybrid and Switched Systems.
9. Applied Control Problems and Computer-Oriented Methods.

Valentin N. Tkhai                                                
Mariya A. Munitsyna